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Juice Junky Cleansing Programs

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Start the new year off right with a Juice Junky cleanse! It’s the perfect time to kick start your healthy living and clean out the toxins built up from the holidays. 3-day and 36-hour programs available through March. Feel refreshed and energized as we head into 2015!

Located inside Feast Catering Cafe in Downtown Westfield

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Juice Junky 3-Day Cleanse

$109.99 + tax – Package
6 drinks/day for 3 days
5 x 12oz and 1 x 20oz Green Super Food Juice

Pick 2 Morning drinks, 2 Midday drinks (always includes the 20oz Green Super Food) and 2 Evening drinks

*Running from January 5 through March 31

Morning choices
Morning Sunrise – carrot, orange, apple, mango, lime
Apple Tree – apple, cucumber, lemon, ginger
Kiwi Delight – kiwis, apple, spinach, kale, lime

Midday choices
Green Salad – kale, spinach, apple, cucumber, celery, parsley, lime
Beet This! – beets, carrot, apple, lemon, lime, parsley
Green Super Food (20oz) – wheat grass shot, spinach, organic protein powder, pineapple, lime, banana, apple, avocado

Evening choices
Dream Green – spinach, Romaine, cucumber, parsley, pear
Fresh Breath – mint, kale, spinach, cucumber, lime
Autumn Gold – sweet potato, carrot, cucumber, ginger, banana

Please place your orders and pay at least one day in advance to start the 3 day cleanse. We can make 3-5 drinks at a time (or all can be picked up the evening before), so they’re super fresh for you to maximize the cleanse process and easily pick up.


Juice Junky 36-Hour Cleanse

$59.99 + tax – Package
Day 1 – 2 evening juices
Day 2 – 6 juices throughout the day
Day 3 – 1 morning juice
All drinks are 12oz.

Day 1
Beet This!
Green Dream
*5:30pm and 7:30pm

Day 2
Morning Sunrise
Apple Tree
Green Salad
Green Super Food
Dream Green
Autumn Gold
*Every 2 1/2 hours

Day 3
Morning Sunrise
*First thing in the morning

First day pick-up is between 4:30-6:00pm
Second day pick-up is between 11:00am-12:00pm

*Running from January 5 through March 31

Please place your order and pay one day prior to starting, available Monday through Thursday for start day.